Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I've not forgotten to update my blog lovely. I'm just plain lazy to! [=
Went causeway point with aunt and her mother yesterday,
See liao also bth lor. Wanted to see if there are any toys for jayden.

And then i saw this and did this to my boy! :D Hahah.
I know it's abit cek ark. But looks cute on him ~

Gathered with my gfs again for kbox. Surprised karen with a birthday cake!
We self took this! Using a rack for menus i think =]

Lamed around in the toilet and had to leave soon. Cause hubby came to fetch us back ):
Girls, organise another gathering soon. I give you all motherly love! Hahas.

Nothing much to blog le. I dont really know what to blog about everytime.
Here's a photo of my cheeky boy eating his fingers.

Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm blogging at my mum's place now.
All of them went out le , except my dad and eldest brother. And dad's cooking porridge !!

Jayden's abit cranky today. Maybe the weather too hot le.
Making him sticky sticky all over! Going to wipe him later although it's getting late.
Cause he finally could get a good sleep since morning.

Blog later if i'm free at home. [=

Thursday, May 27, 2010

As promised.

Updated my blog as i promised val that i'll blog as often as i could after changing blogskins.
So here i am blogging ! Hahahs.

I'm gonna complain about that asshole next door !
She bought a new small laptop. And yes, she's hao-lianing about it.
On music like she's living only with her bf and son !
Aunt just told me father told sil that her bf car cannot park downstairs one leh.
And sil said ' We buy the logo liao ' So what it means ?
She's going to continue living here for at least a month or even more !
Siao liao lor. Rofls.

Told hubby that i'm going to keep all the shampoo , tooth paste and etc in our room after
the ones in the toilets finish. Hahahs. He didnt scold me! He even say buy a basket for me. [=

Tv time ~ Ciaos !

Monday, May 24, 2010

Went over to grandparents place on saturday. They were all so happy to see jayden !
And soon it was jayden's milk time .

So his ahma was busy making milk , and see what's his ahgong doing ?

Posing for the camera when jayden's struggling around already. Haha.

Fianlly gave him his milk.

Ending this short short post with a picture of me and grumpy jayden :D

Sorry for the serious lack of updates people. Always want update, jayden's awake.
maybe he doesnt like me updating my blog ? Haha.
Getting used to life being someone's mother. It's tiring, but totally worth it!

Jayden's has grown so much different from before. He's always smiling and
blabbering in his baby language whenever he's awake.
Worse still , he will nag at me before falling asleep! * Faints *
I realised jayden smiles and blabbers to photos of people smiling .

This is prove! He's smiling to a baby poster in kiddy palace!
He smiles and blabber to my wedding photo too.

Went to rachel's place to slack last friday. Cloud changed so much since the last time
i saw him! Handsome boy le. Ordered mac , chit chatted and mum keep rushing me home.
Had fun slacking with her. Looking forward to slacking at her place again =]

Brought jayden to swim today. He wanted to get up in less than 15mins.
Think he's tired. But i think he still enjoyed himself.

Jayden's sleeping on my chest now while i'm blogging.
I'll try to update again soon , i promise (:

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Today Jayden said his first ' Anguu ' ! >.<
Was so so so surpirsed ! Hahas .

Mum flared up again today . Dont know why either .
Maybe jealous or what ? Hais . And now she say dont want the cakes!
* Bang wall *

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jayden's 20th day photo :D

Jayden's 3 weeks old today ! One more week to full month .
And meaning my damn confinement gonna end one week later!
Sick and tired of ginseng tea and red dates tea .
All those confinement foods and DOM !
Just started drinking yesterday and the feeling was ... !
Have to drink again today . Think hubby wont allow me to pour away this time D:

Off to fold jayden's clothes ! >.<